Core work beliefs and objectives



I believe in a collaborative person centred approach to assist people reach their best potential.

I offer a transparent and emphatic space where you are free to express your needs and reflect about specific life situations and emotional suffering. 

The core objectives of my work as a Psychologist are:

  • to create a facilitative, empathic environment where the person could discover the answers for him or herself

  • to promote the empowerment of vulnerable communities, immigrants, traumatized and chronic ill people

  • to respect and accept others cultural and individual beliefs 

  • to use the most updated interventions to promote well being and mental health

I work delegated with Dr. med. Suset Leiva, Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, in Bern Altstadt. Therefore, the costs of psychotherapy are covered by the basic health insurance (tariffs according to Tarmed).